Viva Mexico City

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April 23, 2018
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May 9, 2018

Warehouse Curates Mexico City is our second campaign to bring the ‘Warehouse Curates The City’ to life.

The vibrant and buzzing Mexico City is the perfect backdrop for our summer collection. The second in a series of curated cities. Warehouse has partnered with two local fashion influencers, experiencing a day in Mexico City through their eyes. Warehouse has taken her city as its palette, inspiration and muse for all that it creates this season. Their city, their rules.

Who are the influencers?

Meet Suzzan Atala. Born and raised in Mexico City, Suzzan Atala is the founder of jewellery brand Tuza – produced by local artists, loved by women worldwide.

Meet Karina Zatarain. Writer Karina Zatarain is the expert on Mexico City’s architecture. From its modernism to Spanish colonial style, she knows all there is to know.

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