Exclusive Originals from Dan Lane

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December 17, 2018
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January 11, 2019

It’s been a year of experimentation for Dan Lane. Inspired by the work of Gian Lorenzo, Michelangelo and Antonia Canova, his Modern Relics series sees him reimagine a classic style in a thoroughly modern setting. We are excited to reveal two new online-exclusive original artworks – ‘Money For Power’ and ‘This Faith Never Dies 4’.

“I want people to imagine that they were created in the present, but found in the future,” Dan explains. “I want them to look as if they should be in museums from the future, just like the work of the artists from the past I aspire to.”

Dan approached Modern Relics with authenticity in mind, and intertwined the exploration of how we treat our bodies with a desire to create works which look like they could be hundreds of years old.

He adds: “The copper finish is one I’ve also developed over time. It’s a technique which mixes real, hand-applied copper leaf with paint-aging methods. The aging method can be taken to the extreme by using chemicals to produce a natural Verdigris (a bluish-green patina). I love the warm tones of the copper, and it really helps the engraved or sculpted tattoos to stand out from the sculpture.”

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