Transit SS19 Collection @ Tutu

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March 26, 2019
Spring/Summer 19 Exchange Magazine Out Soon
April 3, 2019

TRANSIT is highly respected throughout the world for its unique designs and top-quality production; both of which are evidenced in abundance in every collection. Using only the finest raw materials, TRANSIT designs and manufactures collections that are not only easy to wear, but will stand the test of time, in respect of both their desirability and timeless appeal. TRANSIT is now one of Italy’s most sought-after labels …

At TUTU Urban Boutique we will assist those drawn to the undoubted appeal of the TRANSIT brand to create their own unique wardrobe using both their own and current TRANSIT pieces from the new collection to create their personal, distinctive and unique styling. There are two words that epitomise the TRANSIT philosophy; these being the ‘LUXURY’ and ‘STYLE’. Beautiful quality, everyday layers that give admirers of this unique collection the opportunity to express themselves in their own unique and personal way.

TRANSIT currently exports collections to over 35 countries throughout the world; distributing its products in some of the most glamorous multi-brand and select stores in the fashion world. Design, craftsmanship, combined with dedication and enthusiasm truly is the hallmark of the TRANSIT …