Autumn Denim Collections at Tutu

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September 11, 2019
Small, But Perfectly Formed
September 18, 2019

Every season we see different trends in fashion, but one fabric remains a staple, and that’s denim.

More or less everyone’s wardrobe contains at least one piece of denim … and it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, there’s usually a piece made from this versatile material that’s a perfect fit for everyone. This season TUTU Urban Boutique will be stocking an amazing collection of denim jeans.

Denim originated as a cotton twill weave from the French town of Nimes, and was of made of white and blue threads. The word “jeans” comes from Genes, the French for Genoa in Italy, where sailors wore sturdy work trousers in this beautiful port town.

During the 1950’s denim jeans were a staple with both women and men, and made particularly desirable after silver screen heartthrob James Dean appeared in the 1956 movie Rebel Without A Cause.

Girls were swooning and guys wanted that cool edge. There’s still nothing better than the winning combination of blue jeans, a fresh white T-shirt, ankle boots and a timeless jacket.

Whatever your choice, you can always rely on the fact that denim is never out of style. There’s a piece for everyone and every age, that’s the beauty of this classic staple.

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