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August 29, 2019
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September 11, 2019

If you ask people what they think of Dr. Martens, one word rings out loud and clear. Tough. Their boots were forged out of industry, stood through decades of subcultural shifts and remain untouched in six decades. Dr. Martens are built to last.

But compared to DM wearers, that’s nothing. They’re the ones who fight for change and make a difference. Each and every day. They’re out front carving a path. And Dr. Martens are right with them. It’s time to shine a light on Docs wearers who’ve fought back against adversity. People who’ve done things their way – even after being told ‘no’.

TOUGH AS YOU celebrates individual moments of resilience – the radical, the everyday, and everything in between. DM wearers will share their stories – the times they dug in and bounced back – and give others the courage to tackle struggles in their lives. As more speak up, Dr. Martens will create a rock-solid community to prove Docs wearers can handle anything life throws at them.

It might be standing up to the majority, or it might just be having the guts to try something new. But DM want to show the only thing tougher than a Dr. Martens boot is the person wearing it. TOUGH AS YOU is spearheaded by four contributors: Nakhane Touré, Sarah Lu, Blaine Harrison and Sistren. Each one has overcome prejudice or hardship and gone on to become a pioneer in their field. Each one embodies the Dr. Martens spirit.

Dr. Martens

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