Gaia by Raphael Mazzucco

Small, But Perfectly Formed
September 18, 2019
Warehouse Curates – Amsterdam
September 25, 2019

In the wilderness of the forest in Lebanon, Connecticut, world-renowned photographer Raphael Mazzucco became one with nature. Surrounded by the hooting of owls, powerful fox cries and supernatural light illuminating the trees, he conjured the inspiration for his new Gaia collection. This, he says, is “Mother Earth getting ready to push back”.

Embellished by nature

In Greek mythology, Gaia was the Mother Earth goddess.

To bring an organic rawness, each artwork is embellished with elements of nature, including tree bark, foliage, feathers, flowers and sand. Whilst creating the art, Raphael set up studio outside, drawing upon his environment and often allowing nature to intervene.

He explains: “I see this collection as a very deep part of my life and the way that I live. Out here, the wilderness and open space are bringing me back to nature again. Nature is intertwined within the photography, like it’s grown out of the earth. Applying resin complements and encases it, almost like a jewellery box.”


Gold Spun original £12,950

My Tribe original £8,950

Stargazer original £23,500

Eyes of Nature original £4,950

Green Love original £4,950

Divine Chaos original £12,950


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