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November 25, 2019
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November 29, 2019

The empowering Pascale Taurua has returned with two striking limited-edition artworks from her new Pour le Plaisir collection. Each of the portraits is beautifully hand-finished with gold leaf, adding a touch of glamour. These glistening masks symbolise her belief that we “convey an image of ourselves that is a façade”, hiding our true self to conform to societal codes.

Translated as ‘for pleasure’, Taura’s Pour le Plaisir Collection sees the French painter explore the symbolism of the mask in modern society.

She explains: “In order to respect codes, we often convey an image that is a façade; ultimately, we are wearing a mask. The sophistication and glamour of the gold leaf creates a diversion: by playing with light and mirrors, we become invisible. It is a beautiful shield that protects us and denies people access to our vulnerability.”

Pascale believes an understanding of the asymmetry of the human face is essential for mastering a portrait. She first creates a sketch in pencil, charcoal or oil before drawing onto the canvas and painting with oils. By filling the canvas with a close-up of the face, she captures the magnification of the world we experience as children.

Images show the following works:

Diamants £3,950

Cache Cache £995

Up to the Sky £995

Blue £3,950

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