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Whether crafting a cosy reading corner, transforming a tiny box room or even trying out the latest colourful fabric trend, it’s the littlest seats that pack the biggest punch.

Limited space requires clever solutions and our space-saving seating has some pretty smart ideas. Don’t have the room for a full-sized sofa? Don’t worry! Using armchairs and smaller seating arrangements dramatically changes a small, unloved space to one that has you saying “please-don’t-make-me-leave-here”.

So, how can you make the most of your space?


When you’ve got to a small space to fill, such as the corner of your living room, a hallway or bedroom (where it can also double as a handy clothes horse), an armchair is the perfect way to give that odd square metre a much welcome purpose.

Opt for a true statement piece with a design that stands out from the rest of the furniture. An armchair with a distinctive shape, such as our Iggy with its sweeping arms, works ideally.

You will also need to consider the seat-to-space ratio. Big, comfy armrests may look inviting but are they really just taking up room you can’t afford to spare? Sleeker, more contemporary designs with slim arms or even no arms will maximise the cushion area.


Fabulously versatile, a footstool is an extra comfy platform that can transform into exactly what you need when you need it.

An extra seat when you have guests? Check. A side table for your cup of tea and magazine? Check. Or even a place to rest your feet at the end of a long hard day (a shock we know, you’d never have thought of this one!).

We also offer a collection of storage footstools so that it can truly earn its place in your home and provide an always-needed out of the way spot for spare cushions, blankets, books, secret snacks. The choice is yours.


If you’ve ever seen a sofa and thought “If only that was a bit smaller” well, do we have good news for you! A loveseat is the ideal in-between size to snuggle up in style without compromising on seating numbers.

So, whether it’s for two to share or just for you to spread out (go on you know you deserve it), a loveseat adds sophistication and functionality. Plus, because of its less imposing stature you can always be brave with bold colours or patterned fabrics as it won’t overpower a room. The best of both worlds!

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