La Gioconda
February 28, 2020
Barrel Vault
February 28, 2020

Fashion is not solely (or even) about size 6 models strutting their stuff in tight fitting, eye-wateringly expensive couture, wearing ‘impossible to walk in’ killer heals … a remote world of the ultra-rich, or those who simply want to look ultra-rich. But neither is fashion about ill-fitting oversized sweatshirts and sloppy jogging pants.

Fashion should be fun, easy to wear, as well as luxurious; and achievable. LAID-BACK LUXE is all about beautifully styled and easy to wear collections … leaving you feeling amazing, looking stunning, and living life in a very relaxed way.

Laid-Back Luxe is a new approach to fashion and a substantial move forward in the post ‘Power Dressing’ world of extravagance for extravagance sake … into a much kinder, compassionate and sustainable world in which we now live …

This new approach to fashion and life is within your grasp …