Billy Connolly – Born on a Rainy Day 2020

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April 2, 2020
Why Bespoke?
April 9, 2020

Castle Fine Art present the newest instalment of the Born On A Rainy Day collection by Billy Connolly. The hand-signed series of limited edition prints by the legendary comedian is now available to purchase online and at their 40 galleries nationwide.

The collection has already been featured by the Evening Standard and Sky News after Billy’s headline-grabbing artist appearance at the South Molton Street and Glasgow galleries.

Whilst on tour in Canada in 2007, Billy was inspired by Montreal’s drizzling rain to buy some felt-tip pens and a sketchbook. Over time, his drawings of little islands became intricate yet honest shapes – and Born On A Rainy Day began.

The fifth release from the sell-out series reflects Billy’s idiosyncratic, no-holds-barred comedy. Black-and-white lines, Escher-esque surrealism and an increased use of colour are underpinned by a sense of liberation. His anonymous characters boast a charming simplicity.

Billy says: “I just want to keep honing the thing that I’ve got and make it better and better – that’s all. That’s the only ambition I feel.”

Egyptian Love Story £995

First Position £995

London £1,250

Scotty Poser £995

Roman Candles £995

Marshall Art £995

The Wreck Room £995

Glasgow £1,250

Born On A Rainy Day Portfolio 2020 (Framed set of 6) £5,500


And On Monday, God Made The World – Stainless Steel sculpture £6,950

The first-ever sculpture from the collection is inspired by Billy’s past as a welder at a Glaswegian dockyard.

Due to unprecedented demand for this sculpture, it is currently on pre-order only for release from 1st March 2021.

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