Dr Martens x Sex Pistols 2020

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April 29, 2020
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May 5, 2020

The day the sex pistols took over: the story behind the infamous Bill Grundy interview.

Dr Martens new Sex Pistols collaboration pays tribute to the now infamous TV interview that catapulted the band to notoriety – and the subsequent headlines that helped put the band on the map. For those that don’t know, here’s what happened that day.


At the 11th hour, Queen and Freddie Mercury pulled out of their appearance on the Today show. Desperate for a last-minute replacement, TV producers drafted in an up-and-coming band. Unaware of the carnage that was about to descend, presenter Bill Grundy went live with the Sex Pistols at 6pm. Primetime.

With one-word answers and sarcastic digs, the Pistols’ approach to the interview was like nothing the UK had seen before. And Grundy wasn’t impressed. As the interview heated up, the TV host began to berate the band. And they gave back tenfold, before Steve Jones’ final foul-mouthed tirade sent the UK spiralling into outrage.

The band, plus entourage, were hurried into the studio’s Green Room while the producers began damage control.  Thames Television’s phone lines were jammed for hours with complaints. Due to a fault in the system, unanswered calls were getting diverted to another part of the studio – the Green Room. People were ringing up to complain about the Sex Pistols, and the Sex Pistols were answering the phone and winding them up.

It changed British broadcasting forever. And if anyone didn’t know about the Sex Pistols before – they did now. It caused such an outrage that it was debated all around the country. The group were now the hottest topic in the UK, and the consequences bordered on catastrophic. The Today Show was cancelled two months later and the Sex Pistols were launched into the stratosphere of infamy.

To mark their 60th anniversary, Dr Martens have created a second Sex Pistols collection. Complete with bespoke, anarchic packaging, this collaboration is released as a nod to one of the most defining moments in alternative music history.

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