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May 21, 2020
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May 27, 2020

Radley have always believed in celebrating the originality, creativity and independence of women – which is why they’ve launched Women of Spirit Wednesdays. Each week, they’ll be taking #WomanCrushWednesday into their own hands and talking about the women who have been inspiring them.

Brightening up their Instagram feeds and promoting positivity during these uncertain times, these are the Women of Spirit who have inspired Radley’s team this week:

Waste Some Time Offline

Encouraging you to #WasteSomeTimeOffline, Zabby Allen brings us The Procrastination Paper – a monthly mini mag that helps us step away from our screens. Believing procrastination can be positive to help open up a new perspective and lead to something new, Zabby packs 28 pages full of interviews, articles, games, activities and more.

Meet Zabby here

Be Inspired in Business

Starting, running or being a big part of a business can be overwhelming, especially when facing new challenges as many currently are.

This is something Anna Dunleavy knows all too well having set up her own wedding photography business in 2014. As a certified NLP coach, Anna works with female entrepreneurs who run, or aspire to run, creative businesses, helping them to navigate through self-limited beliefs.

Meet Anna here

Share Self-Care Tips

Tough times require a little extra self-care. For support and encouragement, this week we’re turning to Suzy Reading. As a coach, author, psychologist, speaker and yogi, Suzy provides fresh ways of soothing yourself and your loved ones during times of greater anxiety.

Often with gorgeous illustrations, her posts act as a welcome daily reminder to check in with ourselves and cultivate kindness all around us.

Meet Suzy here

Try Mouth-Watering Recipes

Mum and GP Dr Divya Sharma advocates delicious, nutritious recipes that require minimal ingredients – perfect for busy family life and when topping up the shop isn’t quite so easy. From three ingredient sweet potato gnocchi, to six ingredient peanut butter swirl brownies, you’ll find a hassle-free way to change up your weekly menu.

Meer Dr Sharma here


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