Dr Martens – The 1460 Remastered

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June 2, 2020
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June 10, 2020

Dr. Martens x Undercover: a hidden graphic for those who know.

Founded by Jun Takahashi, Undercover is a world-renowned Japanese fashion label known for its punk-rock-influenced aesthetic. And DM and Takahashi go way back – the latest 1460 Remastered boot will be DM’s 6th collaboration with Undercover. Takahashi is carving out a space DM’s history.

And it’s not just Dr Martens anniversary. It’s Undercover’s too.

It’s been 30 years since Undercover was established and 60 years since DM’s were. So, this time Takahashi has gone all out to mark the occasion and celebrate their long-running partnership.

Drawing on his technical design philosophy, Takahashi has created a one-off, bespoke bouquet pattern to celebrate the joint anniversaries. A floral gift that’s symbolic of an international symbol of celebration — it’s not just about the look of the boot. It’s a hidden meaning and secret message for those who know.

Incorporated into the boot’s inner, the bouquet is printed on the insole, and across the packaging. To pay tribute to Takahashi’s special detail, DM enlisted the help of a florist for the 1460 Remastered shoot.

1460 Undercover Corduroy Ankle Boots £229

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