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July 3, 2020
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July 13, 2020

Are you resigned to spending your summer holiday at home?

Don’t fret, the UK has many beautiful places for a staycation! If you still haven’t visited Britain’s beauty spots, now is the perfect time to do it. In the meantime, discover the British countryside with Lawrence Coulson, Richard Rowan, Paul Corfield and feel the heat of summer with abstract art from Alex Echo, with Castle fine Art’s latest selection in their Original Art of the Month series.

Richard Rowan

Known for his reverse techniques of painting – in which he paints backwards on the opposite side of a sheet of glass – Richard Rowan says he is on a constant learning curve.

His unconventional method was honed using glass from the local tip whilst working at Formula One. Inspired by the art of J.M.W Turner, he became fascinated by the power of light. Behind each work, there is a viewing panel at the back of the glass. The medium enables him to achieve a much smoother gradient and colour spectrum than canvas. In turn, his nature phenomena are brought to life. Richard often listening to a different soundtrack per piece so each time he plays the specific music he can immerse himself back in the mood and mindset.

“I am inspired by the magnificence and splendour of the nature environment. By capturing the movement of light, I encourage my viewers to feel as if they are there in the moment.”


Original oil on glass £5,950

Gone in an Instant

Original oil on glass £7,950

Lawrence Coulson

Over the last two decades with our publishers Washington Green, Lawrence Coulson has traversed and reflected upon the elements to develop his own distinctive style. Since becoming a professional artist in 1997, he has seen many of his original paintings produced as sell-out limited edition artworks.

Lawrence begins with a simple pencil line to denote the horizon before mentally mapping out the rest of the composition. Following this, he applies oil paint before blending it with his fingers and then again with a fine brush. He repeats this process until his painting does justice to the landscape in his mind.

“The natural light that appears as dawn breaks or dusk falls is my favourite light to capture. My work focuses on contrast and the moment of hope and optimism shining through.”

All to Ourselves

Original artwork £1,325

Beyond the Forest

Original artwork £975

Paul Corfield

Paul Corfield works from his home studio in the heart of the Dorset countryside. “Just the sound of the blackbird singings nearby is all I need” he says. “For a landscape painter, the sunrise and sunset offer up the most potential to create a successful painting. This is because of the long shadows, warm light and wide range on contrast.”

He first produces a small sketch – around 5-10cm – as a simple line drawing with no shading. He looks for an arrangement of shapes which will eventually fall into place.

The colours evolve once he starts to paint the sky, with his main interest being how he can play with the light to evoke the viewer’s emotions.

“I’ve had many years now to grow into this style that I paint in and I find that the ideas flow completely freely from within.”

Colours of the Season

Original artwork £4,950

Alex Echo

With a professional art career spanning over four decades, Alex Echo has garnered the attention of some of the world’s most prestigious corporations. Completely self-taught, his career highlights have included creating fabric designs for fashion designer Paul Smith and billboards for Absolut Vodka.

Combining art history with references to popular culture and iconography, Alex’s creations are inventive, informative and accessible.  A harmony of colour, light, movement and emotion, his paintings depict a striking visual narrative that lifts the spirit of the viewer. In a melange of intricate brushstrokes, his work brings together the beauty and history of Impressionism with a new language of technique and style.

The vibrancy and softness of Turner and structure of Rothko are evident in his work, with the mix of resin and matt finish allowing the viewer to explore the intricate process beneath.

“Hopefully my work will inspire you to look at the world as a place to be loved and protected.”

Inside the Wave 13

Original artwork £4,950

Summer Alive!

Original artwork £4,950

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