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For DM’s 8th 1460 Remastered collaboration, they teamed up the Japanese cult favourite Needles for their spin on the Original silhouette. Docs caught up with Needles to talk about what unites them and why the 1460 boot has stood the test of time.

Which five words would you use to describe Needles?

  • Need-less
  • Amorous
  • Purple
  • Butterfly
  • Rebuild

What do you think unites Needles and Dr. Martens?

When people wear our brands, they feel not just comfortable, but they can have fun too. I think it’s quite common for our wearers to feel this.

Why has the 1460 boot stood the test of time?

The 1460 boot stands the test of time because it has this timeless, universal, unbiased attractiveness.

What was your inspiration behind the design?

Since this was a project featuring Dr. Martens iconic 1460 boots, I was inspired to incorporate one of our most iconic features — the purple track pant stripe.

What’s your favourite detail?

I’ve been designing the Needles track pants for a long time, so my favourite detail is the black and purple track pant stripes — along with our Papillon butterfly.

What about the 1460 Needles makes it recognisable to your wearers?   

If you can see the stripes on the boot and you see it on the pants, you can’t deny its Needles! [laughs]

What is the meaning behind the Papillon used across your designs? Where did the inspiration come from?

The inspiration comes from the main character of the movie “Papillon” (1973). He has a butterfly tattoo on his chest. I really liked the character and also the impression and design of the butterfly.

What is it about both brand’s core markings that make them so instantly recognisable?

It’s not so much about markings, but more, always sticking to the same ideologies. Our markings are everywhere across our items, sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle.

The 1460 boot is steeped in British history. What elements of British design inspired you in this collaboration?

British footwear design has always been of great interest to Nepenthes and Needles. There is no exception here. The 1460 is a classic and we merely wanted to put our stamp on things without editing the original shape — that’s already a classic.

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