1460 Remastered: Dr. Martens x WTaps

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December 1, 2020
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December 11, 2020

12 months. 12 boots. 12 partners. DM’s iconic original boot is 60 this year. And they’ve been celebrating by teaming up with 12 world-renowned brands on a series of collaborations. It’s time for the penultimate 1460 Remastered Boot.

Founded in 1996, Tetsu Nishiyama created streetwear brand WTAPS with an idea of combining performance, utility-heavy designs and military aesthetic. WTAPS, which means when a second gunshot is fired into the same place the first bullet hit — is a brand is loud with commanding, hard-hitting spirit.

WTAPS have consistently taken influence from alternative and contemporary subcultures.

Reflecting back how DM’s working-class boot was adopted by these very same movements— the ties run deep. Dr. Martens history of crafting working boots for every day struck a chord with WTAPS founder Tetsu Nishiyama. And so, the end result is a full-volume collision of a combined heritage, fusing two brands’ shared functionality-meets-rebel background.

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