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December 11, 2020
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For the latest in their Styled By series, sat down with Alice Gaskell, who’s Instagram feed (@alicesgrace_) made us fall in love with her interior style immediately! Alice lives in a new-build home in Bath, Somerset, but she’s managed to curate a home full of timeless character – so much so that you’d have no idea it was a new-build.

Alice decided to set-up her home Instagram account as she would often find herself moving her possessions around her home whilst tidying up to create wonderful new vignettes. She began taking pictures of the small spaces that she’d redesigned and in little over a year Alice’s collection of beautifully curated imagery has seen her followers swell to over 35k. Like them, we absolutely adore the home she has created, so we sat down with the lovely lady to talk all things interiors, and even got some exclusive tips on how to achieve her gorgeous interior style.

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