Bob Dylan Asia Series 2021

Cool Cocooning at
February 16, 2021
Come Dine with Me
March 2, 2021

Castle Fine Art present the latest release from the iconic fine art collection by Bob Dylan. A visual reflection on Dylan’s travels in Japan, China, Vietnam and Korea, The Asia Series is unlike anything released before.

The four hand-signed limited-edition graphics depict beautiful scenes of people, interiors, architecture and landscapes. Dylan drew upon a variety of source material, from observational sketches to archival film and photography. Executed in muted, evocative colours, Dylan’s painting follows the order of natural reality. In the artist’s words, ‘the idea is to keep everything where it should be’.

Presented as individual graphics or as a set of four, these desirable artworks were created using the fine art giclée process and are the perfect addition for any Dylan collector, new or old.

Thanks to their relationship with Halcyon Gallery, Castle are fortunate to have access to an extremely limited number of original artworks by Dylan, which is a rare honour. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment to discuss this opportunity with an Art Consultant.

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