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June 16, 2021
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June 29, 2021

Created in 1998 by Christel Boniface and Raymond Bitton, STELLA FOREST is a brand of women’s prêt à porter, which offers a stunning selection of travel-inspired clothing.

The STELLA FOREST collections are created in a workshop in the heart of Paris; with a strong identity hinging on exclusive prints. The diversity of the cultural references along with the designer’s visionary sense, the character of the patterns, the play with proportions and the constant evolution, all make Stella Forest a real trademark. The brand mixes colours, prints and artisanal techniques to create collections that are both ethnic and chic.

In a fantastic world of colours and fabrics, every season the artistic director unveils unique, easy-to-wear, collections … as a result, Christel Boniface’s creations have a timeless, magical feel.

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