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June 29, 2021
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July 9, 2021

Humility is one of the most important words in any language, no matter how it may be pronounced … but it is so much more than just a word. Humility is a way of life and a state of being.

Humility is perhaps the most endearing trait of someone’s personality that others treasure most. People adorned with the gift of humility are comfortable in the own skin and secure in their own minds; they naturally exude confidence, but never arrogance … and they do not feel the need to demonstrate to others what others can clearly see in them. People naturally warm to them and enjoy being in their company. The classic case of ‘less is more’.

Humility is also a brand that embodies the same traits as those who adore the collections … timeless, understated, sophisticated, elegant, so very desirable and so very French, catching admiring glances from afar.

Humility is one of TUTU Urban Boutique’s premium French Collections, which was established in 1996 in the most beautiful town of Roanne, being the home of the French textile industry, located in the Loire Region on the River Loire. Under the artistic direction of its founder, Jean-Pierre Braillard, the brand has maintained its unique approach to design and exceptional quality for the past 25 years; and still located in this most beautiful region of France.

With the arrival of our new humility spring/summer collections, the time has arrived to ‘wear the dream’ and no longer just to ‘dream the dream’ …

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