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December 28, 2021
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Only just got your head around normcore? It’s time to shrug off the minimalist approach in favour of a bigger-is-better, fashion-as-function movement. Fear not, Sweaty Betty have the answer…

Meet gorpcore. It’s a look that gained traction in 2020, when lockdowns saw more of us walking for fun. Now, the outdoor explorer aesthetic has gone mainstream. Styled by celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Blake Lively, the gorpcore trend is all about layering up in impressively sized puffers and practical, pocket-packed jackets. Want to get in on the action? Start here…

Utility Jacket

Gorpcore is all about looking like you could take on a big hike at a moment’s notice. And our Utility Jacket definitely fits the bill. For starters, it’s got seven pockets – more than enough for all your snacks and other wayfinding essentials. And if you’re only trekking to the shops? Hey, that’s cool too.

Birkenstock Classic Arizona Sandals

Does the slip-on style of these Birkenstocks nail the nonchalant get-up-and-go feel you’re looking for? Yes. Plus, the pin-buckle fastening amps up the practicality. And practicality = gorpcore 101.

Commuter Running Backpack

Running through the woods or running for the train? It’s all good when it comes to gorpcore. Fill our high-performance Commuter Running Backpack with everything you need for a day exploring city streets or country lanes.

Pathfinder Packable Gilet

All hikers know you can be cold one turn and hot the next. That’s why our Pathfinder Gilet has built-in versatility, packing away seamlessly when you’re caught off-guard by a burst of sunshine. And when it clouds over again? Slip it back on and feel the benefit of our extra-warm recycled down padding.

Mix It Up Trousers

78% Polyamide. 22% Elastane. 100% practical. The Mix It Up Trousers are gorpcore through and through, with zip-lined vents and a flexible straight-leg fit that falls neatly over sneakers. The result? A look that’s at home on commuter trains and mountain trails alike.

Soft Rib Beanie

And to top off your hiker-inspired look? Sweaty Betty’s merino wool Soft Rib Beanie feels even cosier than it looks. It comes in five colours, so you can match your outfit and your mood. And as an added bonus? Consider that windswept hair tamed…

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