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February 14, 2022
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February 22, 2022

The latest selection of stunning new works from Lawrence Coulson, Nigel Humphries, Emma-Leone Palmer and Richard Rowan are now available.

Lawrence Coulson – Loch Lonely £995

For his Spring 2022 release, acclaimed romantic landscape artist Lawrence Coulson has continued his exploration of scenes inspired by the highlands of Scotland. The cool, refreshing tones of ‘Loch Lonely’ that evoke a sense of solitude and calm are accompanied by a “lone fisherman dwarfed by the backdrop of mountains and a moody moonlight sky”.

This timeless backdrop allows the viewer to escape into the idealised landscape composed of melancholy tones while maintaining a magical and fantastical atmosphere.

Emma-Leone Palmer – Aria £695

Part of a collection titled Ékstasis, this vibrant and moving limited edition artwork by Emma-Leone Palmer was created during lockdown. Bespoke mounted and framed in glossy black pine, the powerful movements and electric colours of the piece symbolise a range of meanings and feelings; from a bold release of energy in quiet, frustrated isolation, to memories full of friends, music, and total ecstasy.

Titled after the Greek word for ‘ecstasy’, Ékstasis is defined as a union with the divine or, the experience of an inner god. Evoking feelings of power, independence, passion and peace, this set of two artworks will represent different experiences to every viewer. To the artist, one of the many meanings of these pieces is the feeling of listening to music with your friends in the kitchen, ‘somewhere in the singing and dancing you forget yourself and are somewhere in a perfect realm, a rapture.’

Richard Rowan – Pretty in Pink £850

Glowing with soft pastel tones and contrasted by intricate black details, this ethereal limited-edition artwork from the Spring 2022 release depicts a sunset in Tyndrum, a few miles south of Glencoe in Scotland. Acclaimed reverse artist Richard Rowan painted this artwork to the song ‘Valley’s’ from the Inward Oceans album Weather The Storm and it forms part of his collection An Impossible Dream.

Commemorating the artist’s 15th anniversary with Castle Fine Art, this incredible collection of artworks also accompanies the release of his book An Impossible Dream. A celebration of his many achievements as an artist across the last 15 years, this book also commemorates Richard’s marvellous artistic journey, full of determination, tremendous talent, and a true artistic eye.

Also available: An Impossible Dream Set of Five £3,850

Nic Joly – You Just Are £995

This intricate artwork by Nic Joly is an honest, real, and raw depiction of love. It features a re-designed playing card embellished with words, two bronze-cast miniature figures with painting tools, and a freshwater pearl holding a flower.

Ethically sourced, hand-polished and drilled to hold an equally detailed hand-made wire flower, the glowing pearl atop a bench perfectly offsets the rest of the monochromatic scene which represents balance in love. Balance between the spiritual and ordinary is represented by the ace of spades while the colour scheme reinforces the idea that love, like life, is not just black and white.

Nigel Humphries – Episode II Collection of Five £1,350

This set of five artworks forms the artist’s 2022 collection Nigel Humphries Episode II which is a continuation of his highly coveted 2021 release A New Hope. Here, Nigel continues to explore beloved characters from the world-famous Star Wars saga and experiments with different compositions and layouts. In particular, the artist has traversed the galaxy to paint some of the smaller characters from the franchise who, in his words, ‘have gone on to be main characters in their own right’; such as: the Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobe, the loyal Stormtrooper, and more.

Included in this set are:

Boba Fett | 21″ x 21″/ 53 x 53cm
Imperial Army | 35″ x 21″/ 90 x 53cm
Obi-Wan | 21″ x 21″/ 53 x 53cm
Size Matters Not | 21″ x 21″/ 53 x 53cm
This Is the Way | 21″ x 21″/ 53 x 53c

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