Training Day – Loake’s Trainer & Sneaker Collection

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March 1, 2022
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March 10, 2022

A contemporary take on training footwear, Loake’s Trainer & Sneaker Collection incorporates classic brand qualities and construction with subtle sportswear details.

Bannister £160

Bannister is a premium trainer, featuring cemented rubber soles for greater longevity and grip, using the ‘Trainer’ last shape for a generous fit and bold toe shape – also available in an ‘F’ fitting. These shoes are designed and engineered in Kettering and made in Portugal, using similar materials and finishing techniques as used in Loake’s Northamptonshire factory.

Available in Cedar, Dark Brown Suede, Navy & Navy Suede.

Sprint £170

Sneaker style shoe, featuring a rubber cup sole. Sprint is available in six colours, including hand painted Brown and Dark Brown variants, and is made in India.

Owens £160

Owens is a premium sneaker, featuring rubber cup soles for greater longevity and grip. Owens uses the ‘Sneaker’ last shape for a generous fit and bold toe shape, and is available in a ‘F’ fitting. Available in White, Chestnut Brown & Navy Suede.

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