Loake’s New Eco-Shoe

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April 21, 2022
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May 6, 2022

Update your wardrobe and feel good while doing so with Chichester, Loake’s most Eco-friendly style yet.

At Loake, working towards a greener future sits at the very heart of their brand. While their care advice & product seeks to prolong the life of your shoes, their in-house repairs service gives their Goodyear welted shoes a new lease of life when the time comes.

Their continued environmental push has seen them make many other changes which improve their impact on the environment as a business, and with this season’s new arrivals ‘Chichester’ and ‘Livingstone’, they’re proud to unveil two of other most eco-friendly options yet…

In addition to using organic, veg-tanned linings (which produce less harmful chemicals and poses a lower impact on the environment), the suede used to make these styles are tanned with a natural extract that gives a new (cleaner) life to what was once a wasteful bi-product of the olive oil industry.

What’s more, their threads are made from recycled bottles, their laces are made from a 100% recycled material, and their Goodyear welted soles are made from a natural Crepe – meaning that when the sole has had their day, they can simply return to the earth!

Chichester in Tan Suede £225


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