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May 6, 2022
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Roll up, roll up and witness the wild and risqué art of titillation! We present to you seven Impossimal scenes of dubious debauchery from the eccentric brushstrokes of the peculiar-yet-brilliant Peter and Jayne Smith.

With bright neon lights pulling us in to enjoy our favourite alcoholic beverages and a dose of ingenious wordplay, this collectible release offers a glimpse inside the Impossimal underworld. So, welcome all, come on in and immerse yourself in Peep Show!

While their mischievous antics may put a smile on our faces, the Impossimals are anything but cute! From sordid jokes to downright rude innuendoes, Peter and Jayne push the boundaries of what respectable people should hang on their walls. Their previous escapades have explored everything from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to Punch and Judy, Doctor Who and The Great British Bake-Off, with a wide range of limited edition prints and sculptures, original watercolour and oil paintings, and hand-drawn sketches available.

Peter says: “The Impossimals have always been created for an adult audience; the titles and expressions right from the early Impossimal days of 2005 have been full of British sarcasm and borderline humour, even though their naïve look can be mistakenly perceived. It’s this type of hidden, double-meaning look coupled with cutting-edge humour that has kept the popularity of the Impossimals and the enthusiasm of collectors for all of these years.”

Neon trend

Peter accomplished the fiendish task of creating a neon effect with a paintbrush and paint, which has then been expertly recreated by our atelier team. Neon has been one of the biggest trends of the last year, with Pinterest reporting an 800% increase in searches for ‘neon room’ in 2021. Used by artists like Tracey Emin and Joseph Kosuth, this striking aesthetic is a common motif in Hollywood films, including Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 technicolour classic, Vertigo, and Guillermo del Toro’s 2021 neo-noir thriller, Nightmare Alley, which is set in a carnival in Middle America.

Amazing for a home bar or computer gaming room, neon looks great when paired with pastels or dark shades. There are no rules! A statement neon artwork will make a huge difference to a traditional or contemporary room, while you can also embrace the trend through Perspex furniture, cushions, throws, textiles and glassware. Whether your style is minimalist or maximalist, neon elements can work with your existing home décor.

Peter says: “Bell-bottom trousers and platform heels are coming back in fashion, so neon being used in interiors rather than just in grubby clubs from ’70s Soho doesn’t surprise me in the least. Flirty, attention-grabbing, and pretty cool – what isn’t there to like about neons? Home bars are a natural for neon-based artworks, especially if they’re funny and full of drunken Impossimals!”

The collection incorporates:

A Couple of Cheesy Winos £350

Absinthe Minded £450

Bar Arsed Cheek £465

Corks are for Quitters £395

Frunk and Pisorderly £475

Jolly Wonkers £495

Just a Couple of Kiss Heads £350

Peep Show (Set of Seven Editions) £2,695

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