Billy Connolly – Born on a Rainy Day 2022

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June 15, 2022
Sweaty Betty – New Arrivals
June 17, 2022

‘The Big Yin’ is back with his boldest collection yet, including two brand-new sculptures! For his 2022 release, the award-winning actor, comedian and musician Billy Connolly has also released six new graphics, each of which was hand-signed at his home in Key West, Florida.

Suitably colourful for a year in which he will celebrate his 80th birthday and the 10-year anniversary of his Born on a Rainy-Day collection, the eighth release from the series is a must-have for any fan.

Face Off £1,250

“He’s called ‘Face Off'”, said Billy Connolly as he described this artwork. Two-faced, a fraud, a phoney, but a “good laugh” all the same, he docks strange Cuban-heeled shoes of Billy’s own design and a bright red suit. The vibrant colours allow the work itself to take on two sides. On the one hand, the two-faced businessman evokes sinister tones and themes whereas the bright red suit creates ideas of circus clowns, jesters and comedy; that which Billy is world-renowned for.

Purple People Eater £1,250

Named after the song that the artist knew as a child, this intriguing “one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater” was, at first, an unnamed abstract figurative work by the artist. However, upon infusing the artwork with electric purple colour, it ignited a childhood memory within the artist and the artwork took on a new life. Now, it is a ferocious evocation of sound, music, and memory.

Yo-Yo Man £1,250

“This is ‘Yo-Yo Man’ and he explains himself” said Billy Connolly as he described this artwork. Full of colour and bold figurative forms, the humble yo-yo is at the centre of this piece and reflects a key component of Billy’s childhood and personality.

Growing up, Billy had a humming yo-yo which gave him “hours of unbridled joy” and statue of Robert Knox in Edinburgh’s St. Gile’s Cathedral, whose hand famously points to the sky, always deserved a yo-yo according to the artist. “It asks nothing of you… it is just a fun thing”, much like this iconic artwork which has been infused with vivid colour.

GoZunder Fish £1,250

“GoZunder fish, is a fish that goes under the water”, said Billy in his instantly recognisable Scottish accent. The internationally acclaimed comedian, artist, musician, and artist created this piece with his renowned style in black and white before later adding a spectrum of colours. He noted that this one responded so well to the palette; indeed, the tropical greens and blues have really brought Billy’s figurative drawings to life.

Gironkey £1,250

Originally intended to be a donkey, this sensational artwork by Billy Connolly metamorphosed into a wondrous being that evokes a pantomime giraffe that contains two actors bent over inside. “I like him, he’s fun” said Billy describing this artwork. The glowing sun also featuring in this composition offsets the abstract form of ‘Gironkey’ as well as showcasing Billy’s incredible artistic style and the depth that he can create with it.

Direction £1,250

This solemn yet vibrant artwork from Billy Connolly had a “profound impact” on the artist. Following their mother, the abstracted figures in this piece create a sense a togetherness both as a unit and within themselves. The artist noted that it was the act of adding colour to this artwork that had the most profound impact on him and that he was surprised how well the artwork responded to colour and how it brought the figures to life.

Also available in Portfolio Set of Six Framed Prints £6,750

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