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October 6, 2022
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We all know how good a workout can make you feel. So, imagine how amazing it’d be if you could do good for your body, your mind AND the environment all at the same time…

Want to give it a go? Here are five things we’ll be trying to make our workouts greener and do the planet proud.

  1. Workout at Home

The biggest environmental impact of your workout? Getting to it. Especially if you drive to your gym or studio. We know nothing compares to a loud-music, lights-down, in-person spin class, but consider swapping one of your workouts a week for something you can do from home. Think YouTube yoga or running around your neighbourhood instead of on the treadmill.

A step too far? Try cycling to the gym instead to get your carbon footprint down and your cardio done before you’ve even opened your locker. To get started, check whether your employer has a Cycle to Work scheme and whether your local council offer free cycling safety training.

  1. Have Colder, Shorter Showers

Hear us out. Colder showers are better for the planet because they save energy by not heating the water. And, as well as being much-needed after a sweaty HIIT session, they’re good for you. Just like cold water swimming, cold showers boost your immune system and your mood.

Not into it? Spend a couple less minutes rinsing and repeating in your warm shower and you’ll still save water and energy.

While you’re re-working your routine, take the chance to switch to more Eco-friendly toiletries. Been meaning to try plastic-free shampoo bars, reusable cotton pads or soap instead of shower gel? Now’s the time.

  1. Recycle and Reuse Gym Wear

Those leggings that don’t fit anymore? That sports bra that isn’t supportive enough for you? Give your old gym gear a second run through our Reskinned programme.

Whether they’re good as new or they’ve seen one squat too many, we’ll take them and rehome or recycle them into something else. And the best bit? You’ll get credit to treat yourself to something new.

  1. Borrow Instead of Buy

Need some new equipment? Before you buy it new, see if you can borrow it (or rehome it) from friends or family. You might be surprised how many things – from extra water bottles to foam rollers and resistance bands – they’ve got hiding at the back of a cupboard. And as well as saving waste, it’ll save you money. Win win.

If you do need to buy new, look for eco options like natural latex yoga mats, reusable water bottles and leggings made from recycled materials.

  1. Sweat for a Good Cause

Make your workout mean more by joining classes or events that support the environment. Nail tree pose in a donation-based yoga class. Clock up some miles on a sponsored hike for your favourite charity. Or give plogging a go – picking up litter while you’re out for a run. Nothing makes you more likely to beat your PB than knowing you’re saving the world at the same time.

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