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October 17, 2022
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If you a looking for something a little bit quirky and left-field yet is still worth the asking price then Gauntleys may just have found what you are looking for.

Bottled by the Brave New Spirits Co, based in Glasgow, the ethos is all about sourcing the most wonderful whiskies and bottling them in small batches. Some have also been finished off in different types of casks to add an extra added element to the final potion. Magically wonderful!

‘The Dancing Cultist’ Highland Single Malt 12-year-old 50.5%

Batch 1 – Blair Athol aged in First Fill Red Wine Casks

Initially the aromas are quite sharp and brittle, almost grain-like with spicy dark red fruit and malt following. Fill out well as some wheat-a-bix/ malty cereal appears. Late gooseberry and greengage.

The palate opens with menthol laced winey red fruit and a touch of tannin. Again, there is an almost grin whisky-like character. The tannins build and add a little dryness to the middle but the sweetness of the red fruit balances. Some malty/ biscuity distillery character comes through on the middle and lingers through the finish with a returning menthol note. Very intriguing!


‘The Rusty Cauldron’ Islay Single Malt 11-year-old 54%

Batch 1 – Caol Ila aged in Refill Sherry Butts and First Fill Lafite Wine Barriques

Full, rich aromas of sherried dried fruit, malt, medicinal herbs and subtle peat and winey red fruit. A lovely melange of aromas and a good, bracing coastal note to balance. Late menthol, green pepper and sweet barley.

The palate opens with smouldering bonfire peat smoke, juicy red grape, dried raisin, apricot, prune and sultana. Lightly medicinal on the middle with a long, slightly astringent, peaty, coastal finish with lingering medicinal herbs, brine, coal dust and pepper.


‘Mask of Death’ Speyside Single Malt 10-year-old 51%

Batch 1 – Dailuaine aged in Virgin oak and first fill Bourbon Barrel

A very herbal nose, reminiscent of a New World Sauvignon Blanc – cat pee, gooseberry, apricot, sweet barley, honey and hints of grist and vanilla. Tight tannins and almond appear along with a good dollop of citrus, fern and nettle. Lovely vibrancy with a touch of rich malt beneath.

The palate opens with the milky/ creamy oak, toffee and barley. Again, quite citric and slightly malty with spice notes coming through on the middle. It fills out well as the malt comes through with some lovely sweet barley and citrus to balance. Good length with lingering lime, wood smoke, barley, lemon, ginger and almond.


‘The Bloody Sacrifice’ Blended Islay Malt 10-year-old 49.1%

Batch 1 – Williamson aged in First Fill Amarone Barriques

The nose is intense and peppery with mentholated coastal notes, astringent, medicinal peat and subtle winey dried fruit. With time some peat smoke, charred wood and coffee.

The palate opens with the winey dried red fruit before moving into herbal peat, brine, medicinal herbs, iodine, bog myrtle and richer peat. Superb intensity and a gorgeous liquid tar middle. Long, malty and rich with returning dried fruit, menthol and medicinal peat.



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