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November 21, 2022
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Illuminati Neon – artist Mark Sloper – has created a new piece in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, celebrating her life’s achievements within its collaged background. Simply titled ‘Elizabeth’, the piece is bright and colourful, which, as Mark says, “remembers the Queen’s beautiful smile and garners memories of happy times.” The limited-edition piece naturally features his unique touches of bejewelled nose ring, necklace and tattoo, mixing Mark’s punk roots with the image of an eternal icon.

‘Elizabeth’ is hand-embellished with gems and printed onto aluminium, giving the piece a whole new level of depth, colour, and texture. It is framed in a suitably majestic gold baroque style. A donation of £100 from the sale of every piece will be made to the British Red Cross, the organisation the late Queen was patron of for over seven decades.

Elizabeth £1,450

In memory of Queen Elizabeth II, renowned Punk artist Illuminati Neon has created a special hand-embellished, limited-edition portrait of Her Late Majesty. It celebrates her life achievements with a detailed collaged background offsetting the vibrant colours and punk motifs that distinguishes Mark Sloper’s work from any other royal portraits.

Hand-embellished gems create an exquisite sense of depth and sparkle and the medium of giclée on aluminium adds to the luminosity and texture. This noble and emotional artwork is also framed in a gold baroque style, bringing the royal motifs to life in any space.

God Save The Queen (310) Original Neon Artwork £12,500

In celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, punk artist Illuminati Neon has captured Queen Elizabeth II in this striking, rock and roll portrait that features vibrant neon typography and a backdrop of newspaper cuttings that chronicle headlines and events throughout her reign.

The contrast between the traditional royal and edgy punk rock imagery creates a unique and exciting artwork that celebrates important parts of our nation’s history; the royal family and the punk movement that emerged in the 1970s. It also pays homage to the existing relationship between punk and the royal family, with the artist noting that even his punk contemporaries, the Sex Pistols, wrote a song about Queen Elizabeth II in 1977. This incredible artwork then, is not just an opportunity to have and display a beautifully bold statement about two seemingly disparate elements of British culture but according to the artist, it is also an “investment in a part of our history”.

Electrically certified, the neon lights in this piece are safe and economical to use and can change over time to give a different ambience to your artwork. What’s more, this neon artwork can live on for many years, by taking it to a neon specialist you can get the lights re-gassed thus, bringing them back to their original vibrancy and glow in your home. The incredible properties of this natural gas as an artistic medium, gives Mark’s paintings a unique organic life force.

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God Save The Queen (311) £9,500

God Save The Queen (278) £9,500

God Save The Queen (219) £9,500

God Save The Queen (174) £9,500

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