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Whether it’s a Couch to 5K or jog in the park, one thing is critical to ensure that New Year’s Resolution goes the distance – which is the best pair of running shoes, and how do you find them? It may seem like a bit of daunting decision, especially if this is your first pair of shoes, but with a few pointers from experts Up & Running you’ll be sure to head out on the right track…

Whether you’ve just started running or have been running for years – the aim should always be to get the best pair of running shoes for your feet, your running style and where you are going to run – and that doesn’t mean you need to invest in the most expensive pair.

There are so many brands and models of running shoes with all sorts of different features, because the best shoe for you will certainly be different to the best shoe for the next runner. For new runners, through time and experience, you will find the ideal running shoes, but this might change multiple times throughout your running journey as you run more, target different goals, mix up terrain or following a pregnancy.

Always buy your shoes from a specialist running shop like Up & Running, who only sell shoes that are intended for running and have staff that are specially trained to help you understand the differences and find the best shoes to suit your needs. You want your shoes to go the distance, and by investing in a good pair they will see you through the miles.

Invest in your shoes: you don’t need to buy the most expensive pair but making sure the shoes you buy suit your feet and your running style is the best way to avoid the physio’s couch. Up & Running store staff can advise you; they will watch how you run, ask you questions about how the shoes feel and check that the fitting is good. They’ll even show you tricks to lacing your shoes for the ultimate fit.

Check to see if it’s time for a new pair; are you starting to feel the odd niggle? Do they not feel as smooth as they used to? Up & Running staff are always happy to assess your old shoes and we have a shoe recycling service in store to give your beloved trainers a proper send off.

Take your running socks with you when you go to try on new shoes. Thicker and thinner socks can make a big difference to the way your shoes fit. If you’ve had your socks as long as your running shoes, consider that it is highly likely time to invest in new socks too!

Be prepared that you may need a size different to your normal everyday shoes. Needing a bigger size, is because your feet spread when you run. Be mindful that different brands will also have a different fit which is why it is always best to go in store and try.

Have an idea of what your running goals may be, so you can talk with staff about your aspirations to help you to choose the right shoe fit for you.

Start off by finding out what kind of runner you are; Up & Running staff are all trained to take you through a free digital gait analysis assessment, which will reveal your running style. You will get the chance to discuss the findings, and watch the video to see what to expect during a gait analysis assessment.

You then need to decide where you are going to be doing most of your running: Are you an urban runner? Will 90% of your running be on paved or hard-packed footpaths? Or are you intending to head to the trails of the local forest or rural footpaths?

Up & Running have shoes for all terrains, so after assessing your goals and gait, staff can guide you through a range of options to ensure you set off on the right foot from the start.

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