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January 27, 2023
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February 13, 2023

Paying tribute to Takahashi’s love of 70s cinema, the collection includes three new takes on Doc’s Original 1461 3-eye shoe in black, cherry red and blue – handcrafted from original Smooth leather and punched with DM’s unmistakable yellow welt stitching.

One of Dr Martens’ longest-running design partners, Jun Takahashi, returns for a celebration of film and fine craftsmanship. Paying tribute to the Japanese designer’s love of 70s cinema, these 1461 shoes are printed with a distinctive grid check pattern from the Undercover archive and embossed with WE MAKE NOISE NOT CLOTHES, the label’s signature sign-off. Handcrafted in the original Wollaston factory from DM’s Smooth leather, and punched with the unmistakable yellow welt stitching.

1461 Undercover Smooth Leather Shoes £219

Durable and famously stiff to start, our Smooth Leather can be polished to a dapper shine or artfully scuffed-up depending on your preference.

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