A new Triumph for Robert Oxley

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February 17, 2023
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February 24, 2023

Robert Oxley, master of animal portraiture, returns with Triumph, a thrilling new collection for 2023 featuring iconic wild animals. The series features a lion, tiger and gorilla, all painted in Robert’s signature psychedelic style. Robert says he chose these animals “to portray a feeling of everlasting celebration and the feeling of comfort that these majestic and imposing animals share the world with us.”

Robert’s Triumph pieces use negative space, so that the viewer truly focuses on the mighty animals in this celebratory series.

Vibrant colours appear to explode out and drip down the canvas of this powerful limited-edition artwork by Robert Oxley. The traditional colours of a Lion, Tiger and Gorilla are overthrown by exciting shades of green, pink, yellow- to name a few- that breathe life into the dark black background and create a majestic and powerful impression of nature.

The works in the series are available as limited edition boxed canvases hand-embellished with varnish to create a unique 3D effect:

Jubilee £850, Eternity £850 and Faith £850

Triumph Set of Three £2,295

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