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March 17, 2023
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March 27, 2023

Scarlett Raven returns with powerful Lasting Impressions collection.

In a landmark new collection for Castle Fine Art, Scarlett Raven launches her new Lasting Impressions series. Full of love for our natural surroundings, and inspired by her admiration of Vincent Van Gogh and David Hockney, Scarlett’s new pieces are her most passionate yet. The two artworks ‘Sunset on Poppy Field’ and ‘Sunflowers Amongst Cypress Trees’ are available as a giclée on paper as well as boxed canvas.

Sunflowers Amongst Cypress Trees | Boxed Canvas £1,750

Sunset On Poppy Field | Boxed Canvas £1,750

Lasting Impressions – Set of 2 Box Canvas £3,250

Sunflowers Amongst Cypress Trees | Giclée On Paper £295

Sunset On Poppy Field | Giclée On Paper £295

Lasting Impressions – Set of 2 Giclée on Paper £575

Cornfield Sunflowers | Original £14,950

An original oil painting by Scarlett Raven.

Bursting with bright colour and incredible texture, this beautiful original artwork by Scarlett Raven not only showcases her own signature style but, also the art historical genre of impasto painting.

On creating her beautiful landscape artworks that have such fans as Orlando Bloom and Lord Jonathan Marland, Scarlet says: “The paint is thrown on, splattered and flicked. When it lands, it captures the flowers blowing in the wind. The movement must be in every layer, so when you step back you feel like the landscape is alive. It creates a whole world of magic.”

Scarlett’s incredible process lends itself to impasto painting, invented in the 17th century by Baroque painters and later mastered by artists like Vincent Van Gogh.

Impasto is characterised by applying paint in thick layers so that it is elevated from the surface of the canvas. The result is powerful representations of texture and light which can be seen in such major historical artworks as Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ and Lucian Freud’s ‘Reflection (Self-Portrait)’.


Mounted in a smart wooden frame, this incredible original artwork by Scarlett can be displayed in a range of spaces and will make a gorgeous centrepiece to any wall.

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