FAKE – John Myatt recreates Monet’s beautiful gardens at Giverny

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August 18, 2023
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August 25, 2023

Castle Fine Art present two new pieces from the acclaimed John Myatt, famous for his works in the style of some of the greatest masters. These are two limited edition pieces in the manner of Impressionist Claude Monet, based on works he created at his iconic garden at his home in Normandy, with the series titled Monet in Giverny.

Harmony In Green The Japanese Bridge (965) £1,950

In “Harmony In Green The Japanese Bridge (965)”, the immensely talented and internationally acclaimed John Myatt has interpreted this enduring painting in a masterful oil piece.

Avenue of Flowers II £1,950

In “Avenue of Flowers II”, Myatt has interpreted the game of light and shadow adorned by the bright and vivid colours, creating a captivating composition.

Monet In Giverny 2023 (Set of Two) £3,500

Both artworks are limited editions signed by John Myatt

In 1899, from one single vantage point, Monet painted 12 works focusing on the bridge and his water garden. The leader of the Impressionism movement had designed the landscape from the pond to the bridge and the lilies. The muted greens contrast with yellows in a game of shadows, that is brought to life by the details surrounding this beautiful landscape. The lilies stand before the pond that is gracefully detailed with the reflection of the surrounding plants, adding dimension and a captivating feeling to the piece.

From Monet’s series of Chrysanthemum still-life paintings to water-lily ponds and vibrant rose arches, the fascination with flora at Giverny is constantly present throughout his work. The Impressionist painter memorialised Giverny in numerous pieces, being renowned for their dream-like quality though his complex impressionistic style, vivid colour palette, and focus on the water and flora.

It is almost unbelievable that the soft swathes of paint and hazy yet bold forms have been so perfectly echoed in this limited-edition artwork by John Myatt. The British artist who starred in Sky Art’s ‘Fame in the Frame’ and soon to be feature film about his artistic career, was involved in what Scotland Yard described as “the biggest art fraud of the 20th century”. Now, he works with law enforcement to catch other fraudsters and produces his incredible series ‘Genuine Fakes’ where his astonishing knack for emulating the styles of history’s best artists- from Vincent Van Gogh to Paul Cezanne- is harness into wonderfully realistic artworks that allow anyone to own and display their own “Genuinely fake” Monet.

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