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Unleash the festive spirit with Gauntleys dazzling collection of wines for the Christmas period!

Whether you’re seeking the perfect companion for your holiday feast or a delightful gift for your loved ones, Gauntleys curated selection below will bring joy and cheer to your celebrations. From velvety reds and crisp whites; to luscious sweet wines, profound ports and exquisite sparklings, this is a handpicked a selection to please everyone. So, raise your glass and toast to a sensational Christmas season filled with delightful sips and unforgettable moments.

Vincendeau Introductory Christmas Case – 3 Bottle Mixed Case £110.10

This mixed case contains 1x each of the following wines from Domaine Vincendeau:

2021 Cremant de Loire ‘Loire Gold’, 2022 VDF ‘Pet Nat de Liv’ Zero Brut, 2019 Cremant de Loire ‘Zeitlos’

If you are looking to find a new favourite sparkling winemaker this Christmas, then this is the case for you. All three wines have their own unique styles and expression, whilst all remaining pure, rich, mineral, and elegant.

Classic Crisp Whites – 3 Bottle Mixed Case £77.35

This mixed case contains 1x each of the following wines:

2021 Savigny Blanc – Domaine Giboulot, 2022 Sancerre – Daniel Crochet, 2020 Riesling Harth – Schoffit

This wine trio is perfect for the white wine lovers out there! Featuring wines from the holy trinity of French white producing regions: Burgundy, Sancerre & Alsace. Perfect to be drunk on their own, these wines will also stand alongside and perfectly compliment a variety of festive dishes, from extravagant roasts, to cheese platters, to all manner of desserts.

Vilmart Champagne & Rosé Champagne Duo £112.55

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than with the effervescent charm of champagne? First up, with this dynamic duo we have the Grande Reserve & Cuvée Rubis from the esteemed Champagne Vilmart. Perfect as aperitifs, or to be paired with a wide variety of rich Christmas dishes both of these Champagne’s have elegance and approachability combined with the rich complexity of the some of the best Champagne has to offer.

The Fladgate Partnership Fonseca 2007 £63.60

Somehow, it just wouldn’t feel quite like Christmas without a gorgeous glass of port to partner the festivities. Port and Christmas go together like bread & butter, and Gauntleys pick for this year has to be this delicious 2007 Fonseca.

Old World Reds Trio – 3 Bottle Mixed Case £64.05

This mixed case contains 1x each of the following wines:

2020 Lirac – Clos du Mont Olivet, 2021 Bourgogne Rouge – Moissenet Bonnard, 2021 Chinon Terraces – Domaine Pascal Lambert

This trio of European reds is perfect if you are wanting to keep it classic this Christmas. For great value, experience some of the long-revered regions of the old world in all their glory, without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

Vilmart Vintage Vilmart – Cuvée Emotion 2015 £143.90

Bring a touch of romance and make someone’s Christmas special, or treat yourself, with one of the top vintage cuvées from Champagne Vilmart. The elder sibling of the Cuvée Rubis, this cuvée raises the bar in every regard.

This is the most one of the most prestigious cuvées, from one of the most highly respected Champagne houses today, making it the ideal gift for any Champagne enthusiast this festive season.

Red & White Burgundy Food Pairing Duo £66.70

A great Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Burgundy, makes for a perfect combination at any time of year, but the pairing is particularly special during the festive season. So, if you would like to be transported to the vineyards of Burgundy this Christmas whilst you enjoy your roast Turkey, this is complementary pair of beautiful Bourgognes from Moissenet Bonnard are for you!


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