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Scrolling through digital creator Alanna Doherty’s Instagram, her keen eye for colour and eclectic flare is clear, and in abundance. Known for her statement style, we explored her home and studio to see if her artistic aesthetic extended into her interiors… spoiler: they do!

Delve in as discover the inspiration behind her bold looks built around the Romy & Tiffany sofas, as well as where she developed her passion for fashion and her tips for elevating your interior…

When Alanna met fashion…

“I’ve loved clothes since I was a little girl playing dress up in my mother’s closet in Barbados! My mom has amazing style so it only made sense that I would also love fashion. I’ve experimented with many many styles over the years from all-black minimalist (if you can believe it!) to full of colour and prints. I’ve absolutely LOVED exploring my style through it all, it’s been so fun!”

In a world where everyone is making an effort towards sustainability, deciding on a statement piece that you’ll still love for years to come can be a tricky task; Alanna shares how she knows she’s found the one… “One, when I can’t stop thinking about it! And two, for fashion, when I know I’ll be able to incorporate it into my existing wardrobe and have a lot of wear! If I’m only going to wear something once, I’ll leave it or try to rent it!”

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