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Castle Fine Art present new additions to Bob Dylan’s The Beaten Path, The Silkscreen Collection, comprising two hand-signed coloured silkscreen prints of the artist’s most iconic images, exclusively from Castle Fine Art.

The Beaten Path is Dylan’s visual chronicle of American scenery depicting iconic images as he invokes the heartland of the country. Featuring epic cityscapes alongside humble roadside motels as well as boundless, limitless railroads, this carefully curated collection of artwork offers a view into some of the most pivotal and powerful images of Dylan’s ongoing series which explores and celebrates the American landscape.

Silkscreening is a complex and highly-skilled method of reproduction. An artform in its own right, each colour is printed separately meaning the process to complete the edition can take months. As it is done by hand, there can be slight variations in each one.

Bob Dylan’s Cultural Legacy

Since releasing his debut studio album in 1962, Dylan’s cultural influence has extended beyond music to encompass literature and art. In 2016, he became the first songwriter to win the Nobel Prize in Literature for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.

Such is his effect on wider culture that Dylan’s work has been studied in thousands of university courses. At Harvard University, Dylan’s work is taught by its Professor of the Classics, Richard F. Thomas, alongside the Roman poets Ovid and Virgil. T.S. Eliot scholar and author of the Oxford Book of English Verse, Christopher Ricks, has called Dylan “the greatest living user of the English language.”

Understanding Dylan’s art aids in the appreciation of his singular cultural impact. His art – paintings, drawings and ironwork sculptures reflect his creative journey. An observer of the world, Dylan echoes Warhol, Monet and the Impressionists, valuing the experience over the finer details of the finished image.

Of his paintings, he writes: “The Beaten Path works represent a different subject matter from the everyday imagery of consumer culture. There is nothing to suggest these paintings were based on any mental images that occur in dreams, no fantasy worlds, religious mysticism or ambiguous subject matter. In every picture the viewer doesn’t have to wonder whether it’s an actual object or a delusional one.”

The Beaten Path, The Silkscreen Collection, 2024 – Set of Two £18,950

Released as part of The Beaten Path, The Silkscreen Collection in January 2024, this set features two hand-signed, coloured silkscreen limited edition artworks. While ‘Motorcycle Riders’ depicts two motorcycle riders, continuing his love affair with the open road; ‘San Francisco Bay’ depicts a stunning image of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Both works are available separately:

San Francisco Bay £9,950

Motorcycle Riders £9,950

See more about the Silkscreen Collection here 

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