Special Edition – James McQueen’s Provocative New Collection

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James McQueen’s provocative Special Edition collection will make you think twice

Cutting-edge artist James McQueen brings us his new Special Edition collection which takes on key elements of life with his usual biting wit and homage to vintage paperbacks.

Four new pieces from enigmatic artist James McQueen see him take on life and love in his usual striking and provocative manner, with his trademark style based on his love of well-worn vintage paperback books. His sensitive respect for these books has a stark and comical contrast to the bold and provocative titles that feature on these new limited-edition artworks.

‘Shit Happens’ and ‘Oh Bollocks’ suggest that sometimes life can be ill-fated and fickle, but c’est la vie! McQueen’s piece ‘Protect Me From What I Want’ was appropriated from a popular piece by American conceptual artist Jenny Holzer that was installed in New York’s Times Square in 1985.

It can be perceived as a message about consumerism; people wanting protection from the endless stimulus to purchase, or others may have a deeper view of a self-sabotage and the allure of vices and the consequences that come with them. ‘It Started With a Kiss’ presents a touchingly romantic element to the oeuvre and the concept of love at first sight and highlights the power of a simple kiss. McQueen’s work is hugely popular with collectors so be sure to secure your piece fast.

This hand-signed complex, rich and expressive limited-edition framed set is part of the artist’s newest collection Special Edition. McQueen’s sensitive respect for vintage books has a stark and comical contrast to the bold and provocative titles that feature on the artwork. The artist complex application of paint elevates his art beyond the mere imitation of a nostalgic object towards an art that is rich and expressive, exploring themes of Pop art and abstraction.

The titles and sentiments are evocative, playful, and sometimes cynical, depicted through a process of layering the canvas with thickly applied expressive brush strokes, characteristic of Abstract Expressionism. The anonymous artist also incorporates drip painting into a number of his canvases alongside his classic vintage style with his characteristic signature monkey.

Bold colours reflect the satirical quotes throughout the collection, subverting the vintage aesthetic of historical books. The poignant quotes thus complete these bold modern artworks also replete with contemporary art influences, from Rothko to Tracey Emin.

“Books, like people, have personalities.” – James McQueen

Hugely popular with collectors, the artist continues to break new ground through complex and contemporary artworks, making his pieces powerful statements in any setting.

Special Edition 2024 – Framed Set of Four £6,950

Shit Happens £1,950

Protect Me From What I Want £1,950

Oh Bollocks £1,950

It Started With A Kiss £1,950

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