Kitchen Chaos Ensues with Peter and Jayne Smith’s Latest Collection

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Castle Fine Art unveil the latest collection of limited editions and original oil paintings from British artistic duo and creators of one of the most collectable and beloved series of artworks, Peter and Jayne Smith.

Shelf Life’s contemporary still-life paintings merge every-day kitchen cupboard essentials with a mischievous twist, bringing together Peter’s rich background in character graphics and the duo’s humorous approach to life.

Peter’s journey as a contemporary still-life painter intertwines seamlessly with the duo’s creative vision, resulting in artworks renowned for their intricate details and vibrant colours. Inspired by popular culture, parody, and a desire to rediscover the fun in life, the Smiths’ creations capture the essence of childhood whimsy while offering a fresh and humorous perspective on everyday items.

Character in the Kitchen

As with previous collections, central to Shelf Life are the Impossimals – a series of artworks conceived by the Smiths. Born out of Peter’s expertise in character design and his fascination with capturing expressive personalities while using minimal features, the Impossimals inject humour and mischief into each painting. These Impossimals add depth and charm to the collection, embodying the classic British wit and sarcasm which has captured the imagination of art lovers worldwide, cultivating a dedicated collector base.

Drawing inspiration from classic still-life masters to the Lowbrow Surreal Art Movement, Shelf Life invites viewers to reimagine everyday kitchen items through a playful lens. Each artwork subverts well-known brands and taglines, offering a humorous take on consumer culture. As tongue-in-cheek parodies, the collection pays homage to Peter’s childhood dream of creating quirky versions of familiar items.

In the lates sixties, the Topps Company introduced a series of collectable trading stickers featuring parodies of well-known brands, aimed at children. The creative flair of the art featured on these stickers made a young Peter “smile, laugh and gasp in equal measure. I was too young to understand most of the jokes and cultural references on them though, but I wanted them all.” This was the inception of Peter’s dream to create his own fine art quirky parody versions of consumer items. Shelf Life is the realisation of that long-held dream.

With meticulous attention to detail and a touch of nostalgia, Shelf Life promises to captivate. Whether you’re a longtime collector of the Smiths’ work or discovering their art for the first time, this collection offers a delightful journey into the creative world of Peter and Jayne Smith and, of course, the Impossimals.

Shelf Life Set of Four £1,695

Let’s Get Saucy £495

Like it or Lump It £495

Bon Appetit £495

Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap! £495

Another Day, Another Idiot £4,500

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