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Whether you are after a chocolate birthday cake or just crave a chocolate gateau, PV’s decadent collection of chocolate cakes will certainly tantalise your taste buds.

With a variety of chocolate layer cakes with different flavours and designs, such as rich ganache cream and a fruity décor, these indulgent chocolate gateaux, lovingly handmade by Patisserie Valerie, are certain to delight!


Indulge in pure chocolate bliss with our divine creation, the Chocolate Forest Fantasy Cake.

Four layers of decadent chocolate sponge cake intertwine with luscious Gianduja chocolate cream, while delicate white chocolate butterflies flutter atop a bed of white chocolate daisies.

Hand-piped with love and adorned with springtime sugar sprinkles, it’s a sweet symphony of flavours where every slice is a celebration of indulgence.  The perfect birthday cake for a chocolate loving fantasy lover!


Black Forest Gateau is a classic celebration cake that has been part of PV’s handmade cake range since 1926, with its original recipe being created by Madame Valerie herself.

Handmade with layers of rich chocolate sponge, whipped cream and dark cherry filling. Coated with dark vermicelli and finished with Amarena cherries, dark chocolate shavings and hand piped whipped cream rosettes.


Three layers of indulgent chocolate sponge cake filled with layers of fresh cream and sabayon cream. Encased in dark chocolate fingers and decorated with chocolate cups and berries. Sabayon (or Zabaione) cream is a delicious Italian custard flavoured with rich Marsala wine.


Discover the perfect blend of zesty orange and rich chocolate with our Chocolate Orange Cake. Four layers of luscious orange hued sponge generously filled with chocolate buttercream. Decorated with a stunning ombre design and encased in a velvety Swiss meringue buttercream coating.

Topped with a luxurious dark chocolate ganache drip, delicate Swiss meringue buttercream rosettes, and delicious chocolate orange segments, this would make the perfect birthday cake for chocolate orange lovers.

For the full list of PV’s delicious chocolate cakes, click here 

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