Step Into Autumn with Shoe The Bear

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August 25, 2020
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September 9, 2020

Just in at Tutu Urban Boutique, Shoe The Bear is a promise to stir emotions, with this hand-crafted Scandinavian footwear.

For the less discerning, other shoes and footwear may well suit that person’s needs, but Shoe The Bear will take you to new places! Explore the unconscious, raise your bar and challenge your imagination. Fear not, everything is going to be amazing!

Thinking about it, we use most of our waking hours thinking of shoes. At Shoe The Bear, the company puts the customer first and takes pride in developing all designs in-house. From the first sketch to the finished product, every pair is checked extensively in look and feel before hitting the shelves.

Shoe The Bear has also developed its own Shoe The Bear Care Kit, available from TUTU, the company’s uniquely designed ‘all-in-one’ essential kit for all your footwear. The Shoe Care Kit contains a premium Cleaning Foam that allows you to clean tough stains on soles and uppers, while the Renovating Conditioner cleanses and nourishes suede materials.

Also included is a delicate Shoe Cream – a premium nursing cream for leather shoes that conditions and restores. Finally, a Waterproofing Protective Spray helps clean and protect your favourite shoes like a champ. All products are free of hard chemicals or abrasives; and can be applied to all colours and materials.